Power Issues

Power Issues

  • Often overlooked but it seems that most power-related issues occur the day after the cleaning people have done their job, or you rearranged your desk before leaving the night before.

  • Check your connections on the back of the computer - sometimes moving things on the desktop will pull something out.

  • Follow the cords to the power strip, UPS or wall outlet and make sure that they are plugged in firmly.

  • If you are plugged into a power strip, make sure that the strip does not have a switch and if it does, that it is on. The same is true for UPS's.

  • Make sure that something else on that SAME power strip or outlet is working (like a clock or a lamp).

If nothing seems to be working please open a ticket here so we can get you back on track! If you don't already have a support account, please click here to create one!

Thank you,
CFP Systems Support Team-
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