Phones not working

Phones not working

Many phones today are connected by an Ethernet cable and sometimes with a power cable as well (depending on if the phone is PoE (Power over Ethernet), or not).

  • Check the back/ bottom of your phone to see if it has one or two cables plugged into it and check that they are tightly plugged in.

  • In the case of the phone cord (may be a small connection like a home phone or a wider network connection), make sure that the cord is "snapped" into its port - this assures a good connection.
    • If there are two ports to plug into please make sure that the cord coming from the wall is plugged into the LAN or Network port and not the one labeled as "PC"

  • Check the "other end" - follow the cord(s) and make sure that they are securely plugged into their wall jack and outlet (if used). If the power cord (usually a "wall wort", or small box at the end of the cord), is plugged into a power strip or UPS, please make sure that these devices are powered on and that something else plugged into them is working (like a clock or lamp).

  • See if the phone display is lit - if not, check connections, if it is lit, and everything else is plugged in properly, power-cycle the phone for 15-30 seconds and let it boot back up (yes, modern phones have an operating system in them and need to boot-up just like your computer!)
  1. Is the Internet up?!?
    1. The VoIP phones require that there be an Internet connection. If you are unable to access the Internet on your computer, the phones will not be able to work. Check this first!!

  • Assure that others can use their phones. If they cannot then the your phone problem is part of a larger issue.

If you are a GoTo VoIP customer and the problem is a single or multiple phones AND you CAN access the Internet, please contact Jive Support first. They may have a faster resolution or reason for your outage. They can be reached at: 877-548-3003

If nothing seems to be working please open a ticket here so we can get you back on track! If you don't already have a support account, please click here to create one!

Thank you,
CFP Systems Support Team-
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