Cannot connect to server or printers?

Cannot connect to server or printers?

  • Your servers and printers are network devices and therefore need to be accessed over the network in most cases.

  • You are either connected to your network with a network cable (cat-5/6) plugged into the back of your computer, or through WiFi.

  • If by cable, check the network cable and make sure that it is "snapped" into the back of your computer as well as the wall plate.

  • If it is a WiFi connection, open your network control panel and see if you can see the correct SSID (broadcast name of your WiFi network), and that the computer is connecting to it.

  • If it is not, try reconnecting and see if things are working as expected then. At this point you may also want to restart your computer and let it renegotiate its network connections - sometimes this will help.

  • Ask around... See if anyone else is having a connectivity issue.
    • If they are then the problem is bigger than your one computer - please open a ticket so we can start the diagnostic and repair process!

  • By the way, if you have a locally attached printer, please check that the printer is connected firmly into the computer (usually a USB cable), and that the printer is powered on.

If nothing seems to be working please open a ticket here so we can get you back on track! If you don't already have a support account, please click here to create one!

Thank you,

CFP Systems Support Team-

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